27 November 2017
Telegram of condolences to Muzafar Alimbaev's family upon the loss of him

President of Kazakhstan with deep sorrow has taken news of the death of Muzafar Alimbaev, a prominent poet and the World War II veteran.

The telegram notes M. Alimbaev's inestimable contribution to the development of the Kazakh literature and education of the younger generation of Kazakhstan’s nation.

"In the Soviet period, he was on a par with great personalities of the Kazakh literature and worked successfully for the good of the Motherland. He is the author of a large number of song collections and lyrics. For about thirty years, he edited “Baldyrgan” children’s magazine and contributed much to the development of his native language, the correct education of our children. His work on collecting, studying popular proverbs and sayings is of great importance for the public. He is the author of many frequently used winged words and expressions.

I believe that M. Alimbaev’s name and merits will remain forever in the memory of the people," the telegram says.

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