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9 June 2009
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives Mayor of the South Kazakhstan Region Askar Myrzakhmetov

Аskar Myrzakhmetov reported to the President on the course of realization of the anti-crisis program in the region and implementation of the tasks set forth in the Address.

According to the Road Map Program, it is planned to restore 1013 school buildings and repair 1.5 thousand kilometers of highways in the South Kazakhstan region.

The Mayor of the region also informed the President on the course of work carried out at the Shardara water reservoir.

“We have stored sufficient volume of water this year (up 1.5 billion of cubic meters on the last year),” the Mayor stressed.

The leader of the South Kazakhstan region highlighted that diversification of the sowing areas had been launched. Thirty-six thousand hectares of cotton was sowed with the hydrophilous cultures that are considered to be export-oriented plants.

“Eighty-six thousand from 189 thousand hectares of the untapped land are irrigated lands. In accordance with the Road map, we plan to use 46 thousand hectares this year and the rest 42 thousand hectares of land in the coming years,” Askar Myrzakhmetov stressed.

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